RHE Consulting

Who we are…

We are a professional team with over 20 years background an international market, who is specialized in Consulting, Open New Markets and Executive Search. We offer a clear diagnosis in many situations to achieve company´s goals.


Romina Pellegrino.

Human Resources Degree with Postgraduate Studies at Competitive Recruitment and Digital Marketing

Laura Pires.

Phicologist Degree with Postgraduate Studies at Sistemic Therapy.

Antonio Carlos Vaz de Lima.

Master in Labor Law, Philosophy, Certified Professional Coach.

What we do…

We provide flexible solutions to organizations that are focused on leading a change in the optimization of internal processes, maximizing HUMAN RESOURCES as the main capital of business.

Executive Search. Work Methodology

Market Research.

Job Description.

Market Screening.

Profiles presentation to the Team Head.

Follow up about User Experience candidate-customer.

Research candidate´s Labor References.

Participation in the offer letter.

Follow up in the onboarding process.



Because our value is to become our client´s Business Partner.
We work for profit without an entry fee, at a highly competitive market value.

Areas in which we specialized

Supply Chain - Logistic and Transportation

Banking and Financial Companies

Ecommerce and Digital Marketing



Chemistry - Plastics


Retailing - Consumers Goods


Executive Search










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